Disposable Filters in Standard and Custom Sizes

Standard Spun Glass

  • One or Two-Sided Metal Grid with a Chipboard Frame
  • Bonded together with Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Recommended Maximum Velocity: 300FPM

  • Commercial & Industrial (C&I)

  • Two Sided Metal Grid
  • Sturdy Chipboard Frame that is Glued, Stapled and Taped to Ensure Proper Strength and Rigidity Required in Commercial Applications
  • Metal Brace Centered on the Downstream Side of the Filter Holding Frame
  • Recommended Maximum Velocity: 500FPM

  • Prebond

  • Prebond Media Combines Glass and Synthetic Fiber to Create High Dust Holding Capacity and Average Efficiency in the Twenty Percent Range
  • Available in Standard or Commercial & Industrial Grade
  • Prebond is the Answer to Improved Performance for all Systems Utilizing Flat Panel Filters
  • Recommended Maximum Velocity: 500 FPM

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